Monday, April 28, 2008

WAHOO!! Dodgers Beat Tigers 17-8!

It's not what you think!

Emily's softball team (LA Dodgers) had Opening Day on Saturday. After spending all morning at various RHLL events...Bat-a-thon, Team Pictures, etc...we hustle back over to the appropriate field for a 2:00 pm showdown with none other than
the Detroit Tigers.
Was a bit nervous at first, as the Tigers had a couple of girls we knew on their team AND we knew they were good....but obviously they couldn't support their team to victory.

Emily played Catcher the whole game and blocked several Steals for Home...they'll know next time not to run when Emily's at home plate. Emily herself had 2 runs and 1 RBI.

We celebrated the victory by heading over to our local pub--RJ's for Pizza & Wings...of course Mom & Dad added a few brews to our celebration!

Day with Andrew

Spent a fabulous day with Andrew on one of his many days off from school. It gave us time to enjoy our beautiful weather we were having, practice his Math Pentalon games, and just spend a little mommy/son time together.

The next day we went to the MP tournament and low and behold, Andrew won Gold Metal...must have been all that strategic practice with Mommy :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Day in the Life in Rochester Hills

So, have you ever had the day like mine....

Get up & moving in the morning as it's Math Club day at Andrew's school...need to be there by 7:30 as I am a weekly helper.

Realize that I forgot my knee brace, so after Math Club, run home to grab it on the way to the gym.

Workout...hard...while not really feeling quite right.

Come home & have an early lunch to help the "not feeling quite right" go away...thinking low blood sugar or who knows what it was...

Grab Richard & get moving on the errands du over to the tile store to pick up the special caulk that matches our grout, then pop in at Lowe's...I need a frequent shopper card for that place...

Come out with mulch & top soil & other items on the list & get in the car, turn the key, and hear a click...Well, I always thought cars went vroom when you turned the key and become quite concerned about the click as it was 2:30 and needed to do the Yearbook Club carpool at 3:30.

Time to call AAA..."sorry for your problems, I'll send out a Battery jumper person for you, it will be about 45 minutes"....YIKES, I have kid pick up in 1 hour.

Ring, ring..."Hello Kathy, HELP! Can you pick me up & take me home", I asked. "Sure, no problem, be right there" she reponds. Thank god for friends like Kathy.

Okay, so the plan is made, R stays with the car...."what do you mean you don't have your cell phone, okay here's mine, keep your self busy playing with it while you wait for the battery charger guy." Kathy runs me home, I grab Big Blue (R's truck), run to WMS to pick up 3 girls, then run all the kids home.

Ring, ring "Hey R, what's the deal?" He responds, "Well, it's not the battery, it's the starter, they are sending a tow truck now"..."just Brilliant" I respond. So I have 1/2 hour from the last drop off until I do the Long Meadow run for that carpool...I think I can run down and get all the stuff in the car & get back to get the boys...

As I'm dodging in my Dodge Truck thru ROHI traffic to go 12 miles RT in 30 minutes...did I make it...

No, I was 10 minutes late picking up the boys....bummer since it was 72 degrees and they had to suffer by waiting outside at the car loop.

Do the boy drop off, then recollect Emily and head back down to pick up R from Lowes as the car was finally picked up...

Well, that wasn't on the agenda today....we were suppose to work on the basement and squirt the caulk into place in the bathroom....

I guess there is always tomorrow, as Scarlett O'Hara says "Tomorrow is another day!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Library Holds

Have you ever had a bunch of "newer" books on hold at the Library, waiting for your turn? Well, I had been running 7 holds at the Libs and wouldn't you know it, 5 of them came up at the same time. So, it was time to put the book down that I was reading and start cranking out some books! Fortunately, they were mostly easy reads...but of course I received notification that World Without End is ready for pick up...I'll need all 3 weeks for that one, so I had been postponing to pick it up. Guess that's on my agenda today, as they won't hold it forever :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big 3-0!

Well, as I wish I was just turning 30 years old, that's not what's happening....but I am celebrating just the same! After months & months of trying to eat proper & working out religiously I have finally hit the 30 lb mark! YEA! Of course more to go...

I was getting frustrated there for a bit as it's been pretty stagnate over the past few months, but then I did a Metabolic Assessment Test at the gym and found out that I was working too HARD at my daily workouts...imagine I was only burning Glucose calories, not Fat Calories. So now I track everything through my heart rate to stay in the "right" zone for me & it proved successful. Now to hopefully kick it into gear & get the scale on a steady decline once again!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Am Alive & Ticking

So, I've been off the computer for a while. Funny, it's just not a priority in life as it once was and I have a ton of things that have filled it's space.

Word for the Younger Generations...unplug yourself and go outside :)

Easter was busy. Last minute getting the kitchen & family room painted before family arrived into town. Richard was busy trying to get as much of the trim completed as possible.

We celebrated Cubbie's 1st birthday....yes, we got him a doggie cake! It was pretty big and he's still enjoying it.

Then after the 4 days, we headed up north and did end of the season snowmobiling & played at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. It was quite fun and poor Cubbie...sent him over to a local TC kennel for the day & night. Not sure if he has forgiven us yet, but I keep bribing him with treats....actually he doesn't leave my side and follows me everywhere. I think he doesn't want to get left behind again.