Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Brownies

Here is the conversation from tonight between Andrew and myself:

A: Now that dinner is over, I want to have something sweet like cake or something.

M(e): Well, I don't have any mixes in the cupboard & I'm not going to the store.

A: But there has to be something...I see pancake mix, can we make something with that.

M: Doubtful. Go grab my computer will you.

A: Here it is mom...what are you searching?

M: Allrecipes to see if there is a brownie mix or cake mix that I have the ingredients in-house to make.

A: My Grandma's Brownies: That one looks good.

M: Nope, requires bar chocolate, I only have cocoa powder...let's keep looking. Here's one, Mmm-good Brownies. I think I have all those ingredients.

A: I'll get the bowl out. I've got the aprons, here's yours mom. Do you need the mixer?

M: Would be nice, but remember we burned it out last week making Christmas cookies. We are really going to have to make it old fashioned...mixing with a spoon.

An hour later....
A: Are they ready to eat....can I eat it now...can I have two! Do we have ingredients to make more?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great bonding time...who got to lick the bowl?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm. I use box but stir by hand. Have some in the freezer now. With nuts, of course.