Thursday, December 3, 2009

Allergy-Related Bronchitis

So, on Monday, I head down to the Big Metropolis of New Bremen, Ohio to attend my aunt's funeral, making it an all-in-one day. While at the "after service" luncheon, I start developing a tickle in my throat. By the time I get home around 6 pm, it's now just a little cough or clearing of the throat. By the time I go to bed, I'm hacking up a storm and just miserable.

I get into the doctor Tuesday morning as I don't need to spend another 2 months getting over my allergy-related bronchitis as I did all summer and this week is a busy week on the calendar. I'm at a new doctors office as we had a change in insurance, and not only did he look down my throat, they ran blood work, cultures, swabs down my throat & up my nose, chest x-rays, had a pregnancy test due to x-rays (obviously being OTR wasn't good enough), and provided me with 6 prescriptions. Of course my first comment was: I'm just here for bronchitis; my second comment was: is my insurance covering all this, because I'm not.

Outside of Motrin & the occasional Tylenol PM, I tend not to take drugs, so then I'm at the pharmacist chatting up a storm on the potentials of being overdosed. She assured me, I'd be okay, as two of them are more optional: the inhaler & the Robitussin D, if the symptoms are bad.

I'm use to my other doctor telling me to take Mucinex, a decongestant of choice, & nose spray. But then again, I couldn't kick it this summer for 2 months, maybe the new doctor has a better plan.

So, I get home glad to know it wasn't H1N1, any other flu, didn't have strep (not that my throat hurt), and it was exactly what I thought, allergy-related bronchitis, but I was still trying to deduce what was the initial cause. Did the farmland of America really play around with my seasonal allergies. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm. It had just rained the night before. Was it my brother's dog? Never bothered me before. I personally think it was the manure smell by the cemetery myself. I think that's something I should avoid for all purposes in the future!

Best bonus from all the drugs: when taken in the right sequence, I'm inclined to take a really nice morning pillow is back and moving around 10:00 :)

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