Monday, February 16, 2009

Breaking Dawn...The Action Movie

Ok, I thought I'd share my fun-filled weekend with you.

It all started Friday around 7:30 pm when I got a call from my friend Phyllis...

(P) "Hey Lynn, Phyllis here, do you still have Breaking Dawn? I want to read it over the weekend for a discussion with my hair stylist on Monday and my library is all out until who knows when!"

(L) "No, I gave those all back to Kathy. Let me call her and see if she has passed them onto someone else yet....I'll call you back."

(L) "Hey, Kathy, do you still have Breaking Dawn in your possession, a friend of mine wants to read it this weekend?"

(K) "Yes, I do, but we're on my way to Chicago for volleyball tournaments all weekend. I wish I had a number code on my garage, I'd give it to you so you could pick it up yourself. Can it wait until Monday?"

(L) "Not sure, I'll let you know."

(L) "Hey, Phyllis, no go on Kathy, she's out of town. Let me look real fast at my library...Oh wow, they have 4 copies in stock (out of 25 books). I can't reserve one since it's on the shelf, let me try to call them to set it aside for me."

(Lib) "The library is currently closed, please visit our website."

(L) "Hey, Phyllis, it's closed, so I can grab it in the morning for you, if that works?"

(P) "Sounds good, just let me know if you are successful."

Saturday morning:
(L) "Hey Richard, can you take Emily to practice in the morning so I can go to the library at 9?"

(R) Sniffle, sniffle, blow..."I really don't feel well...I don't think so." blow, blow, sniffle

(L) 9:01 am..."Hey, RHPL, can you set aside for me Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, I'll pick up later this morning?"

(Lib) "I think we are out; it's hard to keep those books on the shelf."

(L) "Can you check for me, the website said you had 4 last night"

(Lib) "Ok, yes, we do, I'll set it aside for you."

(L) "Morning Phyllis, on my way to take Emily to practice. I have the book held for me at the library. I'll pick it up around 11:30 on my way home from practice."

(P) " Sounds great, call when in hand and I'll head over to get it."

Around Noon...

(L) "Phyllis, the package has been secured, what is your ETA for acquisition?"

(P) "I'll ring as I'm heading out the door."

What you do for friends........

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to My Fantasy

It appears at this moment in time that the little fat rodent was right on Monday. I'm waiting to see Positive Degree temperatures again. Makes me want to plan a trip some place warm....well, I guess it's back to my fantasy & the 100 watt light bulbs.

Groundhog versus Cubbie...I think the groundhog has my dog by a few pounds...but I think instinct will lead to the success of my dog.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day!

So, I'm sitting here reflecting on the current prediction of the infamous Groundhog -- 6 more weeks of winter. I'm really hoping that only applies to PA as we have had a couple pretty nice days here in sky, sunny...decent temperature for a change.

Since we had our first snowman before Thanksgiving, the least that the little fat rodent could have done is been optimistic and claimed 6 more weeks until Spring. But consistent with all the news reports, the cup is always 1/2 empty vs. 1/2 full. If you didn't know, MI has the highest unemployment rate in the nation with many other states following close behind, so why would it be so hard for a fat rodent to bring a little surge of happiness in all of our lives by claiming 6 more weeks until Spring. I think he has teamed up with Ebeneezer Scrooge.

So, I'm sicking my dog on the rodent for mass destruction or at least to keep him off my lawn and all his pessimistic views. We are only having "happy thoughts" here...Let's go Spring! I can smell the flowers already (or was that just a spritz of my perfume). Maybe I'll splurge and turn the heat from 66 to 80, toss on the bathing suit, pull out the lawn chair, rub on some sunscreen (or just use Ellen's Pikaki Lotion - it's smells like Coppertone), toss a few 100 watt bulbs in the ceiling fan, turn on my breeze, put on my sunglasses and play a little reggae and imagine I'm in the Caribbean for a few hours! AAHHH, where's my Malibu & Pineapple Juice!

I'll wait for the next snow storm before I return to reality...which looks like tomorrow...bugger that!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!