Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Pie's Have It

Baking day for me....pumpkin roll, sweet potato pie, and apple pie aroma all fill my kitchen and the house.

I also got the cranberry sauce made and must say, it is fantastic! I can't wait to have it with my turkey.

The sausage/rice stuffing is complete and that is also might tasty.

How am I going to make it to tomorrow with all these fabulous items within reach?

Tomorrow I've got the turkey, regular stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, sweet potato casserole, gravy, & rolls...did I forget something?

Sad to say, only one green item on the menu!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Market, To Market

To market, to market to buy a fresh turkey, Home again to dry it into jerky...

Or really to figure out how to get it to thaw in 2 days....why are they still frozen at the market! Don't they know Thanksgiving is in 2 days!

On my list of Thanksgiving preparation for Richard's family to join us on Wednesday evening sometime, today was my market day, so I can have everything as fresh as possible without waiting until the last moment....which would be Wednesday. That day is saved for other tasks :) For some reason, everyone else in Rochester Hills thought the same thing. Krogers was busy, Costco was busier. Doesn't anyone work anymore. You would think that hitting Krogers at 9 a.m. would offer the convenience of a little alone time in the market...nooooo...I'm there with all the other SAHM that just dropped their kids off at school. Which was again me!

Today was a special day for Andrew. He was allowed to wear PJs to school today...but only for elementary school. So, he heads over to middle school at 7 am for his math class, and somehow convinced me to pick him up after at 8:45 so he can change, but he needs to be back at elementary school at 8:55 because he is in charge of doing the news this week & next week.

Of course my comment last night was to pack his PJs and change at school, or wear his bottoms under his blue jeans and just drop trou when he gets to school. Noooo that wouldn't work. Instead, I'm on a time table at the gym to make sure I leave by 8:30, so I can get to WMS, pick Andrew up, get home, he changes while I make second breakfast for him (bagel to go), then off to Long Meadow to start the next part of his day.

After rushing back to school, I finally get to go to the market to start my shopping experience. Back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth once more. I think I finally have everything to last at least until Friday when I'll need more bread & salad!

Now I'm ready for, post office, orthodontist, make pumpkin rolls, and clean bathrooms (again)...oh and another load of towels.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon - The Movie

As I patiently awaited the Twilight Series movie of New Moon, which I read in January, it finally was released on Friday, so we waited until Sunday to see it. So, Michal, Kaitlyn, Emma, Emily, Andrew, & I all headed over to Forum 30 to drool over Rob Pattinson, & Taylor Launter...or at least I did. I tell you what, for being 16, Taylor Launter did what he had to do to assure his continuation from Twilight to New Moon....he's pretty buff!

Now, I was the only one that had read the book and I really wonder if people that haven't read it "get it". I obviously got the movie. I wondered if Emily fell asleep as she was looking pretty relaxed in her chair. Andrew thought there was too much kissing. I, of course, didn't think there was a enough as the movie is about a romance.

So, now I'm waiting to see if others want to see I'm a Twilight fan and would see it again.

Bummer, I have to wait until next year for Eclipse!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dumped by Mindy

So, I'm hosting my monthly workshop and Mindy brings up the fact that she's dumping my blog as I haven't updated anything in 5 here I am, back on track so I don't get dumped by Mindy!

In my life, I've been dumped by boyfriends, dumped the clothes in the laundry room, dumped the wheel barrel full of leaves into the fire pit, but don't think I've ever been dumped by a close friend!

So, as I try to pride myself to not having to be told something twice, I'm back on track so I can be in Mindy's Top 5 blogs to read section of her followings :)

Message to Mindy: I'm down on my knees, please don't delete me out of your life :)