Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon - The Movie

As I patiently awaited the Twilight Series movie of New Moon, which I read in January, it finally was released on Friday, so we waited until Sunday to see it. So, Michal, Kaitlyn, Emma, Emily, Andrew, & I all headed over to Forum 30 to drool over Rob Pattinson, & Taylor Launter...or at least I did. I tell you what, for being 16, Taylor Launter did what he had to do to assure his continuation from Twilight to New Moon....he's pretty buff!

Now, I was the only one that had read the book and I really wonder if people that haven't read it "get it". I obviously got the movie. I wondered if Emily fell asleep as she was looking pretty relaxed in her chair. Andrew thought there was too much kissing. I, of course, didn't think there was a enough as the movie is about a romance.

So, now I'm waiting to see if others want to see I'm a Twilight fan and would see it again.

Bummer, I have to wait until next year for Eclipse!

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